I asked God for water

and he gave me an ocean

I asked God for a flower

and he gave me a garden

I asked God for a tree

and he gave me a forest

I asked God for a friend

and he gave me you!

Champion & Premiere Rodwaye Mariner

A special friend for nearly 17 years, through thick and thin, joy and sorrow the start of my obsession 🙂 Dearly missed but always remembered. Born after the loss of my husband and was a cat in a million who understood me bless him.

Grand Champion Rodwaye Buccaneer.

At the grand age of fifteen, this wondefull boy had to be put to sleep with great sadness. His progeny live on in many pedigree and he was the foundation of many prefixes. He sired Grand Champions and Champions, his legacy is ongoing..

One of my best friends….

Tika Grand Champion & Champion Rodwaye Harryarty

Sadly departed at the age of eight due to a blood clot and could not be saved at the vets in spite of all their efforts.. A huge and charismatic boy greatly missed .

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