00023_Mar15 Mrs M Wade


I have been breeding British Shorthairs since 1989 and my prefix is also GCCF registered. I have also successfully shown my own cats to UK Grand Championship level, Grand Championship, Championship and neuter equivalent.

As a family we have always had pets, I had my first cat at the age of seven and he was my pal for twelve years. Later horses came into my life and I still ride and compete. I have two horses now, both progeny of my first mare; three generations down the line. In fact, our fourth generation foal was born in April 2005, and is now competing very successfully in Dressage.

After several wonderful moggies and two Persians a British Blue named Scilla arrived, some time later I was captivated by a British seal pointed, and Beckie joined the tribe.

Thanks to some wonderful stud boys – Grand Champion Firbob Hudson (cream) , Grand Champion Arty Saturn (Red pointed) and Grand Champion Welqust Mistbumble (Cream) I am on my way to producing some very special cats.

My aim is to breed well adjusted, healthy kittens. I am happy for kittens to go to families as I know how much my cat meant to me as a child, a pet can give love, companionship and a sense of responsibility.

I steward at Shows sometimes and occasionally judge Household Pets, I am also an active member on the Committee of the Colourpointed British Shorthaired Cat Club and on the Breeders Advisory Council.

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